Amanda Gourgue for State Representative


Thank you for your interest and support!

I am running for NH State Rep because I want to elevate the voices of the community. 

Myself and other New Hampshire Democrats stand for policies that support strong, healthy communities and families, a strong economy with opportunities for growth and a fundamental system of fairness and justice. Democrats are committed to spurring job creation, building our infrastructure, and bringing fairness and opportunity to our economy and our civic life.  We believe that healthy communities and strong families are essential to the well- being of our citizens and to our ability to foster business development and a vibrant economy.  We are committed to upholding the right of every eligible voter to cast their ballot free from unnecessary restrictions. We pledge a government that works collaboratively across the aisle to address the issues that matter to the people of New Hampshire.

(NHDP Party Platform,


As you visit my site, you will learn more about me and why I would be a great representative for Lee and Barrington.  If you agree with me and want to help, please visit the Donate Page to learn more about how to give time or money.  Every minute volunteered and dollar donated is appreciated. 

Feel free to contact me at (603) 397-0505 or at

Thank you!

Photo Credit: Jeff Spires, Spires Creative Media